EAmai Co-Lab is a partnership founded in 2020 that specializes in a methodology for leading transformational change to help those committed to shifting mindsets and behaviors of systemic institutionalized standards of professionalism towards that of equity and inclusion. We do this by utilizing processes that leverage relationships to empower people to reimagine how they are represented in various spaces. We begin all working relationships by grounding ourselves in a sense of place, building an awareness of group dynamics, cultivating a collective culture of engagement, and fostering relational trust. EAmai Co-Lab frames our practice in creating systems and structures focused on developing a shared understanding of desired results, determining evidence of success, and creating impact-focused actions.

our mission

At EAmai Co-Lab, our goal is to build awareness of group dynamics by cultivating a collective culture of engagement. We do this by...​

  1. fostering relational trust and a sense of place 

  2. developing shared understanding of desired results

  3. determining evidence of success

  4. creating impact-focused action plans

the team

3.Erika Cravalho.jpg

Erika Cravalho-Meyers, Ed.D

Co-Founder • Consultant

Tatiana Tseu Fox

Co-Founder • Consultant